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Donald Trump insults the size of Kim Jong Un’s nuclear button

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Image: REX/Shutterstock

The president of the United States of America boasted on Twitter about the size of his nuclear weapons.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared in his yearly address on Monday that the nation’s nuclear abilities might strike the United States, which a nuclear button was constantly on his desk.

“The whole United States is within series of our nuclear weapons, a nuclear button is constantly on my desk. This is truth, not a risk,” Kim stated in the address.

In action, Trump tweeted that his nuclear button is “larger &&more effective” than Kim’s.


The tweet likewise laid into the bad financial conditions in North Korea, and ridiculed Kim by stating “my button works.”

Although President Trump does have the abilities of releasing a nuclear attack, the button on his desk in fact brings him a Diet Coke, inning accordance with an April report from the Financial Times. Trump apparently takes in almost a lots Diet Cokes a day, inning accordance with the New York Times.

The web fasted to point how unbelievably minor and at the same time frightening Trump’s tweet was.

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