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Under Armour: 150 million MyFitnessPal accounts were hacked

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File image-An Under Armour indication is seen outside a shop in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., Oct. 25, 2016.&(REUTERS/Jim Young)

The Baltimore, Maryland-based athletic business Under Armour revealed its blank”> MyFitnessPal workout app was associated with a huge details breach, with upwards of 150 million user accounts possibly impacted. Of the hacked information, the brand name states just usernames, e-mail addresses, and hashed password info was breached, so it appears (at this time)that no monetary info was jeopardized– which might be viewed as rather of a silver lining thinking about how widespread hacks and breaches have actually ended up being.

An Under Armour -associated application because 2015, MyFitnessPal is a diet plan and workout program developed to not simply track everyday activity however likewise to inspire its users. The app had around 80 million users prior to its acquisition, however Under Armour ’ s already-established network of brand name patriots and equipment advocates permitted it to grow to more than 165 million users .

Under Armour reports that it looked out to the breach on March 25– which it took place in February. Upon knowing of its seriousness, the brand name “ rapidly took actions to figure out the nature and scope of the problem. ” This consists of alerting police, dealing with information companies to help in the examination, informing its user base and requesting for password modifications, and keeping an eye on any suspicious habits. The brand name stated it highly advises any MyFitnessPal user to instantly alter their password as a preventive procedure, even if they aren ’ t always associated with the breach.

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