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No charges for deputies involved in California Taser death

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(CNN)California district attorneys will not submit charges versus 5 San Mateo County deputies associated with a fatal Taser occurrence in 2015.

Okobi’s sis, Ebele Okobi– Facebook’s public law director for Africa– stated in a post in October on the social networks platform that her household had actually seen a video of the event, which she called murder.
San Mateo County District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe informed CNN in 2015 that Okobi’s household and their lawyers had actually seen a 25-30 minute composite video– comprised of witness cellular phone video, monitoring video footage and deputies’ dashcam video footage. Deputies do not use body cams, authorities stated.

    The video is modified to consist of control panel video cameras, a witness video and audio from the deputies and Okobi.
    The video, launched Friday, records Dep. Joshua Wang informing Okobi to stop so he can talk with him after the deputy saw him cross the street unlawfully. Okobi keeps going and strolls back throughout the street. When the deputy goes to stop him, Wang calls dispatch informing them the guy is stumbling upon the street and in traffic.
    Several minutes into the video– this part tape-recorded by another deputy’s control panel video camera– numerous other police cars show up with sirens triggered. Okobi leaves them and swipes at the deputy with his left arm as the deputy approaches on foot and attempts to get his arm.
    Two deputies run towards Okobi, who starts to put his hands up. As the deputies get him, Okobi turns and a deputy informs him to stop withstanding. Another deputy cautions him he is going to get Tased.
    Deputies attempt to get Okobi’s hands behind his back, however he breaks away, is struck by the prongs from the Taser and falls in the street.
    The modified video shifts to the recording made by a witness who has to do with 10 feet away. A deputy fires a 2nd Taser.
    Okobi flails on the ground as deputies consistently inform him to get on his stomach and struck him again with the Taser prongs.
    “What ‘d I do?” Okobi screams.
    “Get them off me,” he states consistently, consisting of when as he grabs the prongs when pinched hit the 3rd time.
    A sergeant, one of 2 extra deputies to get here, leans down and attempts to obtain Okobi’s left arm.
    “I’m lost,” Okobi states. “Spread the word of God.”
    Okobi gets up rapidly, pressing away one deputy as he does so. A 4th Taser, identified by the DA as just quickly reliable, strikes him and brings him to the ground once again. As he stays up he yells, “Somebody assist me! Someone assist me!”
    He stands once again, starts strolling, takes a couple of hops and jogs away as the deputies pursue.
    One deputy swings at him with a baton and he punches the police officer. Other deputies take on Okobi. With the action now on the other side of the street, it is tough so see what is taking place however the audio suggests the deputies are putting their suspect in handcuffs.
    Paramedics show up about 8 minutes later on and while they are taking care of Okobi, he appears to enter into heart attack and a paramedic starts chest compressions.
    After they treat him for 10 minutes on scene, emergency situation employees put Okobi on a gurney and take him to a healthcare facility, where he was noticable dead.
    The DA’s report states Deputy Wang’s Taser was fired 7 times, and provided a five-second charge 3 times. On a 4th give it a try stunned Okobi for one second.

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