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Drug dealers ‘delivered crack cocaine to hospital’

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Image caption West Park Hospital in Darlington is among 3 psychological health healthcare facilities criticised

Drug dealerships provided fracture drug to susceptible clients at a psychological health healthcare facility, the BBC has actually been informed.

It is among the claims made by a variety of previous clients at systems run by the Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust, which have actually seen 5 deaths in less than 2 years.

The trust has actually been criticised over its services at 3 health centers, consisting of West Lane in Middlesbrough, where 3 teenage women passed away.

The trust stated evaluations were under method.

One lady confessed to West Park Hospital in Darlington in 2015 informed BBC Inside Out: “Definitely the most worrying [thing] was the existence of fracture drug on the ward.

“There were 2 methods [to get it] Either individuals left and brought it back in with them, or you might call a dealership and they would come on to the ward and provide them for you.”

She likewise stated personnel were “tipped off” ahead of a Care Quality Commission (CQC) examination.

“They were informed beforehand what would be taking place,” she stated.

“Charts that weren’t present prior to were endured ticks and dates put on them, and clients were encouraged by personnel to conceal contraband on the day of examination.”

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Image caption Teenagers Christie Harnett (left) and Nadia Sharif passed away at West Lane Hospital

The CQC stated the trust was not informed when examinations would occur, however did understand which services would be taken a look at.

The previous client likewise stated she saw a company employee acting wrongly by rubbing a client’s feet and informing another she was “stunning”.

“It was truly rather troubling and made me feel unpleasant,” she stated.

One lady, who was confessed to West Lane in Middlesbrough with an eating condition in 2015, stated she was still “haunted every day” by the memories of her time there.

“It was a scary story from the first day,” she stated.

She stated clients had access to wires and scissors, and liquids such as nail polish cleaner or paint which some consumed.

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Image caption The psychological health system at West Lane Hospital closed after a damning CQC examination

“Even after things like that occurred they would not then be eliminated,” she stated.

“We would simply be informed ‘well, if you wish to do it that’s up to you’.”

She likewise stated members of personnel would ask clients with consuming conditions such as anorexia and bulimia for “diet plan suggestions”.

West Lane closed in August after a damning examination by the CQC.

At Roseberry Park in Middlesbrough, clients informed the BBC some personnel felt they had a licence to “treat you awfully”.

“They state [you have a] character condition, that suggests they can do whatever they desire,” one stated.

Image caption Marjorie Wallace stated she was horrified by the accounts

Having seen the BBC’s proof, Marjorie Wallace, CEO of psychological health charity Sane, stated she was “definitely horrified” and “the image of overlook, even totaling up to ruthlessness, indicates it’s more redolent of the dark ages of the old asylums”.

“The trust must be taken into unique procedures instantly and those associated with all those events need to be held to account,” Ms Wallace stated.

The trust stated it was “deeply sorry” that at West Lane it “didn’ t offer safe, high quality care”.

A spokesperson stated the BBC supplied insufficient details for it to react to the particular accusations made by clients, and a variety of examinations and evaluations were under method so it would be “improper to comment or talk about” even more.

But he prompted any clients with issues to inform the trust, including: “We take all such views incredibly seriously and utilize what they inform us to enhance their care and the care of others.”

You can see more on this story on BBC Inside Out North East &&Cumbria on BBC One at 19:30 GMT on Monday 23 March and afterwards on the BBC iPlayer.

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