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Curanail 5% W/V Medicated Nail Lacquer Amorolfine

For effective treatment of mild fungal nail infections


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Treatment of mild cases of distal and lateral subungual onychomycoses caused by dermatophytes, yeasts and moulds limited up to 2 nails.

Method of administration:

Adults and Elderly

The nail lacquer should be applied to the affected finger or toe nails once weekly.

The patient should apply the nail lacquer as follows:

1. Before the first application of Curanail 5% nail lacquer, it is essential that the affected areas of nail (particularly the nail surfaces) should be filed down as thoroughly as possible using a nail file, as supplied. The surface of the nail should then be cleansed and degreased using an alcohol cleaning pad, as supplied.

Cosmetic nail lacquer may be applied at least 10 min after amorolfine 5% nail lacquer application. Before repeat application of Curanail 5% nail lacquer, any remaining nail lacquer, and cosmetic nail lacquer if any, should be removed carefully, then the affected nails should be filed down again as required, and at any rate be cleansed with an alcohol soaked swab to remove any remaining lacquer.

Caution: Nail files used for affected nails must not be used for healthy nails.

2. Apply the nail lacquer to the entire surface of the affected nails and allow it to dry. After use, clean the applicator with the same cleaning pad used before for nail cleaning. Keep the bottle tightly closed.

For each nail to be treated, dip the applicator into the nail lacquer without wiping off any of the lacquer on the bottle neck.

Caution: When working with organic solvents (thinners, white spirit, etc.) wear impermeable gloves in order to protect the Curanail 5% nail lacquer on the nails.

Treatment should be continued without interruption until the nail is regenerated and the affected areas are finally cured. Non-compliance with frequency of administration and recommended treatment duration might result in treatment failure, and development of resistance. The required frequency and duration of treatment depends essentially on intensity and localisation of the infection. In general, it is six months (finger nails) and nine to twelve months (toe nails). A review of the treatment is recommended at intervals of approximately three months. If the infection has not cleared after six months (finger nails) and twelve months (toe nails) medical advice should be sought.

Co-existent tinea pedis should be treated with an appropriate antimycotic cream.

Paediatric population

Due to the lack of clinical experience available, Curanail 5% nail lacquer is not recommended for patients below the age of 18 years.

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