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Daktarin Powder 20G

Daktarin powder quickly begins to clear fungal and bacterial skin infections, with daily use, within 7-10 days.

Daktarin Powder ( daktarin talc ) can be used to treat fungal and bacterial infections that affect the skin which includes conditions such as:

  • Ringworm
  • Jock Itch


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Daktarin Powder 20G

Daktarin powder is a highly effective antifungal powder that is tried and tested for the treatment of fungal and bacterial skin infections. Daktarin can be used to treat children and adults of all ages. Daktarin comes in a useful powder form allowing you to not only apply it to the skin, but only inside clothes, socks, and shoes.

Daktarin contains the active ingredient miconazole nitrate which is an antifungal medicine that kills fungi and some bacterias that are responsible for infections on the skin of the trunk, hands or feet, outer ear and the groin.

Daktarin powder, unlike¬†Daktarin cream, dries the skin as well as treating the infection. Daktarin powder is therefore often the preferred product for the treatment of conditions such as nappy rash and athlete’s foot where the skin becomes moist and is suitable for use on areas of broken skin.


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