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Kiss Condoms to increase pleasure and protection

Kiss condoms are gently lubricated to provide you with a silky, natural feeling for increased pleasure and sensitivity


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Kiss is a highly lubricated, affordable, quality condom that provides protection against pregnancy and STIs/HIV (Sexually Transmitted Infections/Human Immunodeficiency Virus).

▪ Are worn over the penis to prevent pregnancy and lower the risk of STIs/HIV by keeping the sperm inside the condom and out of the vagina
▪ Are highly lubricated for a smooth sexual experience
▪ Can be used for oral, anal and vaginal sex
▪ Ensure STIs/HIV protection for women on other family planning methods (emergency contraceptive pills, daily oral pills, implants, IUDs and diaphragms)
▪ Come in a flat pillow package that fits perfectly into a wallet for pocket
▪ 100% electronically tested and manufactured to meet the highest International Quality Standards to provide the ultimate in protection and pleasure.

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