Lucozade Boost Energy Drink – Glucose Drink, 450ml

Giving you a physical edge when you need it most

Glucose energy drink

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Lucozade Boost Energy Drink – Glucose Drink, 450ml

Introducing Lucozade Boost Orange, the ultimate sparkling energy drink infused with the power of glucose. Get ready to experience a refreshing burst of flavor that will invigorate your senses and replenish your energy levels.

Designed for those who lead an active lifestyle, Lucozade Boost Orange is the perfect companion when you’re on the move, ensuring you stay refreshed and energized throughout the day.

What sets Lucozade Boost apart is its high glucose content, which acts swiftly to refuel your body during physical activities. Packed with the essential carbohydrates your body craves, this drink provides an instant energy boost to support your active endeavors. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or engaging in any other physical activity, Lucozade Boost is your go-to beverage for sustained performance.

In addition to its power-packed glucose formula, Lucozade Boost boasts an irresistibly delicious orange flavor. The tangy and sweet notes come together harmoniously, creating a taste sensation that is sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more.

Not only does Lucozade Boost Orange excel in taste and energy provision, but it also promotes a healthy lifestyle. It is best enjoyed in combination with a balanced diet and proper nutrition, ensuring you get the most out of every bottle.

Available in Asset Pharmacy stores and for shipping, Lucozade Boost Orange is a glucose drink product that you can easily include in your daily routine. So grab a bottle of Lucozade Boost Orange today and unlock the power of glucose to keep you fueled and refreshed as you conquer your day!

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What is the price of Lucozade Boost in Nigeria?

The price of Lucozade Boost is N700

Where can you buy Lucozade Boost In Nigeria?

You can Buy Lucozade Boost at Asset Pharmacy Lagos Nigeria, Nigeria’s Largest Online Pharmacy.



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