Maria’s Swedish Bitters 100ml

Maria’s Swedish Bitters 100ml

Traditionally used in Herbal Medicines as a digestive tonic and a mild laxative.

Maria Treben’s recipe. It contains 32 herbs in the standardized recipe for the European Union.

Swedish Bitters is attributed to the ability to favorably affect all body systems. Eg. on the immune, bone, muscle, skin, peripheral nervous system, blood circulation, cosmetic problems, and many other actions. Over the years, Swedish Bitters has become a wonderful tool to support good body condition.


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Maria\’s Swedish Bitters 100ml

Maria\’s formula of Swedish Bitters represents the essence of skill, knowledge, and experience in producing the finest herbal bitters available. Flora has carefully selected and tested the herbs to achieve the highest quality and potency. Take before meals to stimulate the stomach to improve digestion or after meals to relieve feelings of fullness or gas.


Advantageously, in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gall bladder, nervous and respiratory system, skin and muscle.


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