Medisana Hi-Speed Fever Thermometer [ART-NO 76101]

The Medisana High speed Thermometer can be used to take the temperature quickly in the following regions:
under the tongue (oral)
in the armpit (axillary)
in the anus (rectal)

As quickly as 6 seconds it is possible to read an exact result when using the quick mode and this is automatically saved until it is next used


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Our normal body temperature lies between 36 and 37.5 degrees C. Variations according to the time of day, bodily well-being e.g. during a woman\’s monthly cycle are normal. However if the temperature rises above 38 degrees C, this is described as fever.

Fever often arises together with infections and is a signal that the body\’s immune resistance is working harder than usual. However this natural reaction of the body to external illness germs should be controlled regularly. If the fever rises to above 39 degrees C and does not drop after 1 to 2 days a doctor should be consulted.

A feverish illness is often combined with tiredness, aching joints, shivering and shivering fits. Taking the temperature is therefore found to be an unpleasant disturbance which nonetheless must be carried out regularly and accurately.The course of the illness can be best controlled if the temperature is taken twice or three times per day in 4 to 6 hour intervals. Measurement should always be made in the same region of the body and at approximately the same time so that the results can be compared.


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