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Nivea Express Hydration Normal Skin 400ml

  • The formula with Sea Minerals and Hydra IQ supplies you with moisture all day
  • Extra fast absorbing moisturization
  • The nourishing formula contains Sea Minerals and Hydra IQ that help to repair your skin layer by layer so your skin looks gorgeous


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Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion is the answer to the queries of all normal skinned people who want a lotion that is effective and no-fuss. Nivea body lotion is a lotion that will leave your skin fresh and smooth without having to massage extensively. A common problem many face is that lotions do not get absorbed into the skin easily. Some lotions are heavy oily thus making it difficult to make them blend into the skin. Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion addresses this very beauty need and comes with a special benefit of extra-fast absorption. Nivea body lotion may be light-weight and smooth but it does not compromise with moisturization and makes skin extensively moisturized and hydrated in a few seconds itself. This hydration does not fade away easily, it lasts long giving you nourished and smooth skin all day long. The lotion comes packed with beneficial sea minerals and the enchanting aroma of Blue lotus is sure to transform you in a magical world. Nivea body lotion does not leave a greasy or oily layer on the skin and is therefore a perfect product for all weathers.

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