Odaban Anti-Perspirant 30ml

Odaban Anti-Perspirant 30ml

ODABAN Spray is a safe and simple antiperspirant that protects against excessive sweating and odour, it is also suitable for use by sports-people and wearers of artificial limbs.


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Odaban Anti-Perspirant 30ml

Odaban spray antiperspirant has remained the safest and most effective treatment of Hyperhidrosis for more than 35 years, the formulation, method of manufacture and unique dispensing mechanism are still without equal.

Convenient, inexpensive and the only antiperspirant guaranteed to stop you sweating, Hyperhidrosis sufferers, and indeed individuals all over the world without perspiration problems, claim Odaban to be their lifesaver.

Excessive sweating and body odour causes sufferers untold misery and leads to a loss of confidence and much social embarrassment. Sweat dripping from the forehead, hands or underarms is a nightmare, however, this problem is now controllable. For 40 years, Odaban antiperspirant has offered targeted yet gentle help.

Odaban Antiperspirant spray is gentle and effective offering long lasting protection for most areas of the body. Whether making an important business presentation or holding hands on a date, no matter what the ambient temperature, Odaban will bring you freedom to concentrate and of course, a new found confidence. Dermatologists, Pharmacists, Podiatrists and Doctors have long recommended Odaban Antiperspirant spray worldwide. The convenient and unique pump spray is 100% free from perfumes and allergy inducing products.

The different uses of Odaban Spray antiperspirant

  • Head and Face – Odaban can be used on your face and hands to treat sweat problems especially in cases of Facial Blush and Hyperhidrosis, Gustatory Hyperhidrosis (sweating of the head).
  • Underarm (armpit) Sweat– also known as Axillary Hyperhidrosis, a condition that no longer needs to affect life and your choice of clothes.
  • Odour– often referred to as Bromhyidrosis can be socially difficult and cause skin to become raw and cracked.
  • Body Sweat– usually covering larger areas of the back and front torso. Bodily sweating can lead to wet patches, friction rashes and odour.
  • Hands– Palmer Hyperhidrosis can be socially difficult and cause skin to become raw and cracked.
  • Intimate areas – suitable for use in sensitive areas for perspiration that can also lead to odour issues and chaffing
  • Sweaty Feet – also known as Plantar Hyperhidrosis, sweating can lead to broken skin, infections, athletes foot and overpowering odour.
  • Prosthetic Limbs– wetness is the number one cause of chafing and discomfort, usually treated with wicking socks etc but Odaban can deal with the root cause.

How Odaban Spray Stops Sweating.

Radio-isotope tests have shown that the active ingredients of Odaban do not stop the sweat glands from working. The drying effect of Odaban is produced by poral \”plugs,\” formed from a combination of aluminium and skin protein.

It is the partial blocking of the sweat ducts by these poral \”plugs\” that causes a re-routing of the perspiration to the blood capillaries where it is transported to areas of the skin from which evaporation can take place more easily or to the kidneys for excretion. The net result is to leave the treated skin area dry and without compensatory sweating elsewhere on the body.

The insolubility of the aluminium/protein complex formed is such that there is absolutely no absorption of aluminium into the body\’s system. Odaban is therefore completely safe to use on a long-term basis and even during pregnancy.

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