Pasante Ribs & Dots Condoms – 12 Condoms

Features: Dotted, Ribbed, Sensation, Textured

Length: 190mm (7.48″)

Width: 54mm (2.13″)

Regular Material: Latex


Availability: Out of stock


If you want to put some sizzle in your lovemaking try the Pasante Ribs and Dots Condoms. Because they are anatomically shaped, you will enjoy unique comfort.  The special dual texture profile offers maximum sexual stimulation for both partners. The condoms are covered with dots and ribs for a heightened experience for both lovers.

Transparent, with a reservoir end, they are lubricated with a non-spermicide lubricant.  The Pasante Ribs and Dots Condom can be used with confidence for oral, vaginal or anal sex.

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