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Puritan’s Pride Echinacea Complex 100 Rapid Release Capsules

Puritan’s Pride Echinacea Complex  100 Rapid Release Capsules

Whenever we get sick, time stops for us in many ways. The hobbies we love doing are put on hold. The people we love will need to keep their distance until we recover. We can’t even consume our favorite food and drinks until we’re better. Nobody wants their time to stop just like that.

That’s why it’s important to take Puritan’s Pride Echinacea Complex that helps boost the immune system. Echinacea Complex, in particular, is great at encouraging immune system function. But it doesn’t only help boost your body’s first line of defense—the compounds in this herb also help manage the symptoms of common infections such as the common cold and flu.

Echinacea also contains various antioxidants which guard the body against free radicals. It protects us against harmful substances that rapidly age and damage our cells. In a nutshell, Echinacea acts as a shield for our immune system.


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Puritan’s Pride Echinacea Complex  100 Rapid Release Capsules

People have been practicing traditional medicine for thousands of years. There are many different systems of traditional practices that have been shaped by the environment where each first evolved such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

Throughout all of these systems the unifying philosophy is a holistic approach to wellness.8 Today, herbal supplements are the most popular and frequently used complementary health approach used by adults in the US.9 In places outside the US, traditional wellness practices are still used routinely in primary care, making up around 70% of global health care.9

The power of plants comes from phytonutrients. These compounds occur naturally in plants to help protect the plants but they can also have health-promoting properties for humans.

There are thousands of different phytonutrients with different effects on systems in the human body. Many botanicals contain phytonutrients that have immunomodulatory properties and can be used to support the immune system.**

Puritan’s Pride Echinacea Complex

Echinacea is a flowering herb that grows wild in the Midwestern and Eastern States. This perennial produces purple, daisy-like flowers that are also referred to as purple coneflowers. Echinacea has been used by Native Americans of the Great Plains for centuries to support immune health.** Its use also dates back to the American Eclectics in the early part of the twentieth century. Phytonutrients found within Echinacea are believe to activate the immune system.** This traditional herb has become one of the world’s leading herbs for immune support for good reason.** It can be taken any time of the year to support the body’s natural defenses.**


Elder is a flowering shrub native to most of Europe. It produces dark purple berries roughly the size of blueberries. Both the flowers and berries of the Elder plant have a long history of traditional use. Early settlers of the Americas brought their traditional practices to the New World and quickly discovered a subspecies now called American Elder.10 Native Americans had also already established a long tradition of using Elderberry for its health-promoting properties.10 Today we know elderberries contain beneficial phytonutrients called flavonoids. This traditional herb can be used to support immune health any time of year.**

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