Scholl Gel Arch Support

Scholl Adjustable Gel Arch Supports are designed to relieve the symptoms of foot strains and tired, aching feet.

Each support has a unique, clear gel system with interchangeable gel inserts. These give you the personal choice to adjust the level of support that suits you best.



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Scholl Gel Arch Supports fit shoes without crowding and allows toes to move freely, giving optimum comfort for flat feet and weak or fallen longitudinal arches.

  • Maximum relief from foot strain and tired aching feet.
  • Advanced cushioned support for flat feet, weak or fallen arches.
  • Unique clear gel system with interchangeable inserts.
  • Non-slip grip to stay firmly in place.
  • Light, medium or firm support shaped inserts.
  • Clear gel, discreet, durable.
  • Shaped to cradle your heel.
  • Washable.
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