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  • Can be used for aches and pains alongside medication
  • 6 programme settings
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The Pain reliever digital TENS is easy to use and helps to ease aches and pains for – shoulder pain, hand pain, back pain, joint pain, leg pain
  • TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is recognised as a safe method of easing pain
  • TENS is now regularly recommended by doctors, physiotherapists and pharmacists.
  • The pain reliever digital TENS works by passing harmless electrical signals into the body from the gel pads (controlled by the user at all times)
Eases pain in two ways:
  • It blocks the body\’s pain signals. These are normally transmitted from the area of damage through the nerve fibres to the brain. TENS interrupts these pain signals
  • TENS stimulates the body\’s production of endorphins – it\’s own natural painkillers
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  1. Be sure you know the right points where to place the electrodes and affix
    them there then, connect the electrodes to Digital Pain Relief with wire.
  2. Switch power on.
  3.  After setting mode, intensity and time, you could feel stimulation at
    electrodes and treatment starts. The time display is enabled and displays the remaining time of application.
  4.  Switch power off.
  5. Take electrodes off and clear them as shown in «User Manual»
    Clean the electrodes.You should hold the plug when pulling it out. Please do not pull the wire.
    • Please use clear water to wash or use wet cloth (instead of facial tissue) to gently wipe up the electrodes when cleaning them.
  6. Do not use brush or fingernail to clean surface of the electrodes to avoid scratching them.
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  1.  Do not use the device if you are connected to, or in the vicinity of,
    high-frequency surgical or industrial equipment. This may cause burn
    injuries on the skin under the electrodes, as well as problems with the
  2. Observe caution when using the device in the immediate vicinity of cellular phones that are switched on.
  3.  This device is not intended to be used unsupervised by children, individuals with sensory deprivation of any kind or mentally challenged individuals. Any users falling into these categories should be assisted by a responsible adult.
  4. Please don‘t use it in the bathroom or other places with high humidity.
  5.  Please do not use it when driving, otherwise, it may lead to an incident.
  6. Please do not use the device while in sleep.
  7. In the process of stimulating and therapy, please do not allow metal
    parts of belts, wristwatches or necklaces touch the leaf electrode pads.
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