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Vitabiotics Wellwoman Plus Omega 3.6.9 Tablets 30 Tablets

Omega- 3,6,9 not only help to maintain a healthy skin and hormone balance but also help to maintain general health and are especially beneficial for heart, joints, brain, bones and eye health.


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The advanced Wellwoman Plus Omega-3,6,9 formula contains all the benefits of Wellwoman original comprehensive nutritional supplement with the added benefits of Omega- 3,6,9. The Omega oils come from Fish oil, Starflower oil, Evening Primrose Oil, EP grade Olive oil and Vitamin E, selected for optimum strength and purity in a handy dual pack. This premium Wellwoman formula is designed for women who lead hectic lifestyles; juggling work, family and social commitments. It includes nutrients to help support healthy blood formation and energy release and helps to maintain healthy skin, immune system and hormone balance.

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