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Major Breakthrough: NASA Scientists Have Discovered A Nearby Exoplanet Capable Of Supporting All Of Janets Bullshit

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There’ s a brand-new huge discovery that’ s so huge that researchers state it might alter the method we consider deep space permanently: NASA researchers have actually simply found a close-by exoplanet efficient in supporting all Janet’ s bullshit.

Wow. This genuinely is a watershed minute for area expedition!

NASA’ s Kepler area observatory very first exposed this little exosolar world recently, and the ramifications of exactly what such a huge discovery might imply for the future of Janet’ s bullshit has actually sent out shockwaves throughout the clinical neighborhood. Initial research study recommends that the heavenly body has the uncommon climatic and geological residential or commercial properties that would render it able to sustain Janet’ s entire bothersome fucking offer. The world, which orbits a star 25 light-years far from Earth, has not just the oxygen essential to make it possible for Janet’ s continuous grumbling about unimportant minutiae that everybody else simply handles like grownups, however likewise the big bodies of liquid water essential to keep Janet’ s bullshit diet plan where she’ s constantly requesting for additional lemons in her water to assist “ detox ” her liver, whatever the fuck that indicates.

There’ s no doubt that this is a significant discovery and produces brand-new possibilities for Janet’ s bullshit one day existing in the far reaches of deep space. NASA has actually found thousands of comparable exoplanets in current years, just a portion of those have even a few of the qualities needed to allow whatever excruciating fucking rubbish Janet has going on at any provided time.

What an incredible check out the unidentified! It makes you question the number of other, comparable worlds efficient in offering feasible conditions for Janet’ s entire offer might be out there. We can’ t for NASA ’ s next extraordinary discovery!

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