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Subway launches loyalty program with surprise rewards and a confusing token system

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Mmm bread.

Subway, the world’s biggest junk food chain, is releasing a brand-new commitment program, called Subway MyWay Rewards, that will provide clients surprise deals with and tokens that ultimately grow into dollars.

The relocation is an action towards making more consumer love, in addition to making the Subway experience more digital — because it features a mobile app refresh.

Subway MyWay Rewards launches in the United States and Canada in March and will be readily available at 28,500 dining establishments. With Subway’s scale, it’ll be among the biggest commitment programs worldwide, though MyWay is far from Subway’s very first effort in this arena. The chain formerly provided totally free meals with a punch card system called Sub Club. That was stopped in 2005 in part due to scams, as Wired reported . The brand-new system aims to prevent that by making it all mobile.

“We truly created the program with the customer in mind. You do not need to check out the small print,” Subway’s Chief Digital Officer Carissa Ganelli informed Mashable of MyWay Rewards.

Here’s a take a look at Subway’s brand-new mobile app for tracking benefits:

Image: train

Image: train

Subway’s deal of surprises is simple to comprehend and sounds a lot like Panera Bread’s MyPanera , however the tokens are a bit more complex. (Fortunately, they aren’t associated with cryptocurrency or ICOs or anything like that.) Call them points, if that assists.

Here’s how the tokens system works:

  • For every dollar consumers invest at Subway they make 4 tokens

  • Reach 200 tokens and get $2.00 in Subway credit

So, if Subway consumers wished to perhaps make sufficient tokens to cover a whole Subway sandwich. Let’s simply state one that costs about $6.00. That’s 600 tokens, which implies investing $150. Yeah, it’s challenging, however we’re discussing complimentary sandwiches here. The benefits likewise can be used to cookies, beverages, salads, soups, or whatever else they’re dishing out at Subway.

Thankfully, tracking benefits is quite simple. MyWay Rewards members can look them up on Subway’s site , the mobile app, or ask in-person at a Subway place.

The program’s structure is exactly what individuals — a minimum of those who Subway surveyed — requested for, inning accordance with Ganelli.

“The $2 limit was something that’ s going to definitely allow us to reward our members more often,” Ganelli stated.

In addition to setting up a $2 benefit, Subway shone from its consumer studies that individuals desire surprise benefits.

“You won’ t understand when you ’ ve made our benefitup until you ’ ve made it,” Ganelli shared an example and stated of me being and making a totally free beverage informed by means of Subway’s mobile app. “That’ s amazing. I got a present today due to the fact that who doesn’ t like surprises of scrumptious things?”

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