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Hot New Look: Jeff Garlin Is Sporting A Gigantic Beehive Hairdo That He Claims Was The Result Of An All-Acorn Diet

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A precious star is sporting a new-and-improved appearance that’ s bound to make eyes pop and jaws drop, and we are definitely here for it! Yep, Jeff Garlin is sporting a massive beehive coiffure that he declares was the outcome of an all-acorn diet plan!

Yeah, you check out that! Jeff Garlin’ s hair is high, and he ’ s formally looking hot as hell!

Garlin debuted his hot brand-new 3-foot-tall beehive coiffure on the other day’ s episode of The View, stepping through the drape and onto phase sporting an elegant Armani fit with pockets bulging with acorns and looking definitely glamorous with the new column of glossy brown hair that Garlin has actually been happily informing everybody who asks is the direct outcome of a stringent, all-acorn diet plan.

“ I ’ ve been consuming absolutely nothing however acorns for about 6 months, and now I have huge, lovely hair, and it’ s all thanks to my all-acorn diet plan, ” the Goldbergs star informed an undoubtedly wowed Joy Behar, prior to standing and happily doing a sluggish ’ n ’ sassy 360-degree turn so the entire team and studio audience might get a great view of his beautifully high and completely coiffed hair.

“ I ’ m living evidence that if you remain dedicated to an all-acorn diet plan and withstand the desire to delight in sugary foods or red meat or any food that isn’ t acorns, then you can grow a stunning beehive coiffure that will turn heads and make you feel positive and attractive, ” Garlin informed the studio audience, who instantly rupture into deafening applause.

Uh, yeah. Evaluating from his completely vertical ’ do, it ’ s safe to state that Garlin ’ s devotion to an all-acorn diet plan entirely settled. He’ s absolutely changed and looking hotter than ever.

The interview ultimately relied on the star’ s existing deal with the most current seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Goldbergs, however truthfully we’ ll comprehend if nobody heard a word of it since we were too in wonder of Garlin as he sometimes primped his huge hair and chewed on the acorns in his pockets for the whole program. “ My beehive hairstyle became this gorgeous due to the fact that I frequently consume acorns– and just acorns– continuously throughout the day, therefore I have to be consuming acorns constantly in order to preserve it, ” Garlin described as Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and the rest of the View hosts nodded intently.And yes, Whoopi, we captured you looking at Jeff ’ s hot brand-new hive! Wecan ’ t blame you. Jeff ’ s coiffure is definitely ideal, and many stars would eliminate for a cut that high and round.

Needless to state we certainly, 100 percent authorize of Garlin ’ s fab make over. If an all-acorn diet plan can get you a beehive hairstyle like that, then sign us up, due to the fact that Jeff is formally living his finest life and looking hotter than ever!

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