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Are Your Fries Under Threat From An Incoming Seagull? Stare It Down, Say Scientists

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When you’ re tucking into a yummy piece of battered fish and appreciating a serene ocean see the hazard of being held up continuously surrounds you. Winged burglars might come down from the skies anytime, tearing your scrumptious meal from your lap. Now, fortunately, we have a clinically tested method of dealing with the issue head-on: gaze the gulls down.

Concerned by the effect these feathered criminals are having on innocent individuals’ s daily lives, scientists at the University of Exeter in the UK took it upon themselves to discover an option. Geared up with absolutely nothing more than a bag of french fries, they headed to the Cornish beach to perform a clinical experiment.

The group attempted to consist of 74 individuals, however the bulk flew away or declined to approach the french fries. 19 herring gulls were ready to get included in the two-part experiment.

First, a scientist would position a bag of french fries on the ground and crouch down behind it, averting. Next the exact same would take place other than the scientist would look the gull right in its beady eyes, trying to hold her ground. You can see the 2 conditions in the video listed below.