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Our Predictions For ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 8 | Betches

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Somebody inform Santa that he can cancel Christmas, due to the fact that I’ ve currently gotten the best present. Bravo simply revealed that Vanderpump Rules season 8 is set up to premiere on January 7, 2020 and I can’ t envision a much better method to ring in a brand-new years than with an additional 10 pounds on my waist and a middle-aged wait personnel having a hard time to bear in mind if they cheated on each other on my TELEVISION screen. And Bravo dropped the trailer on Friday! Andy Cohen, you’ re too excellent to me. Based upon what we understand, it appears like this is going to be (to obtain an expression from reality angel, Chris Harrison) the most remarkable season EVER. And I’ m not basing this entirely on the trailer– oh no, there has actually been sh * t decreasing throughout this off-season. We’ re talking social networks unfollows, slightly unfavorable remarks, and individuals disappointing up at celebrations. This is LEGIT. I’ m going to collect up all this proof, call myself Veronica Mars, and piece this season together for you.

The Witches Of WeHo Break Up

Rumors have been developing (get it, due to the fact that they’ re witches? Sorry, I dislike myself too) that Katie, Kristen, and Stassi have actually been having issues recently. Back in October, Stassi validated those reports on her podcast by stating, “ If taking a break from somebody is a b * tch relocation and makes me nasty, then I wear’ t provide a f * ck. ” Wow. Method to seem like a passive-aggressive ex-girlfriend airing her complaints on Facebook, Stassi. Kristen likewise validated that they had a falling out, stating she doesn’ t truly understand why it took place (traditional Kristen, she was most likely blacked out throughout the battle). Whatever occurred, Kristen, I wager a hundred dollars you were chain cigarette smoking and calling somebody the c-word when it decreased!

In the trailer, we see an extremely short bit of a battle in between the females. In it, Katie states that Kristen is being obnoxious. Fair. Kristen states Katie is being a b * tch. Reasonable. To be truthful, with characters like that, it’ s a wonder any of these individuals ever have good friends.

It appears like a few of the cast might be covering things up, however, since Brittany simply published an Insta story of a lot of them on their method to individuals’ s Choice Awards, and Kristen existed.


It looks like Stassi might be the last holdout, since she wasn’ t with them last night(she remained in New York), and she hasn’ t published an image with Kristen considering that July.

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;”> It ’ s the f * cking California Wine (Mixer)Festival!

A post shared by that photo appear persuaded for the sake of their red wine organisation? Which leads me to my essential concern, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE WINE? I require responses, Andy. Average Pinot Grigio is at stake!

Jax And Sandoval Are Also Feuding

Back in August, E! News reported that Jax unfollowed a variety of his co-stars, consisting of Sandoval, Ariana, Kristen, and Scheana. This should have taken place after his wedding event to Brittany, due to the fact that the Toms were co-best males at the occasion. What is up in between the old (really old, Jax is 40! Don ’ t believe I ’d forget to bring that up) buddies?

In the trailer, we see a battle in between the 2 males, with Sandoval yelling, asking if Jax even understands him at all. He’s near tears, with nary a canine in sight to dry them. It ’ s rough.

sandoval sandoval

According to, when again, E! News , the battle was over Lance Bass(!!!! )officiating Jax and Brittany ’ s wedding event. Obviously Tom and Ariana declared Jax just chose Lance due to the fact that he is a celeb, and for some factor are differing with that. Well, to start with, who would not desire a celeb officiating their wedding event? Second of all, it ’ s 2019, not 2001, so I believe that the word“ celeb ” is a little generous for Lance Bass. And 3rd of all, let ’ s not imitate you all aren ’ t after popularity, mmkay. I state they swindle their chunky cardigans, battle it out in a car park, and proceed.

The New People Bring The Cheating Drama

Since a great deal of our OGs are quite sturdily combined up (other than Kristen * insert wicked laugh *), it’ s approximately the brand-new cast members to bring the unfaithful drama. Based upon the sneak peek, it appears like Dayna has drama with Max. He states he ’ s thinking about her, however she appears to believe heis solely dating somebody else. Later on in the sneak peek, Max implicates Brett of having sensations for Dayna. Am I getting these individuals? If I ’ m blending them up, my apologies, however likewise can Bravo excuse casting 2 men that look similar? It makes me happy for the days of Sandoval ’ s Flock of Seagulls hairstyle, because a minimum of he couldn ’ t be puzzled with anybody other than a time tourist from 1982.

I tried to do some Instagram digging for you all and get some responses, however Brett specifically posts photos of himself in differing states of undress, and Dayna and Max appear to have actually kept their love lives off the platform. Got ta remain tight-lipped about those stories to get an agreement renewal, I think!

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