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What Your Favorite Celebrities Were REALLY Like Before They Were Famous

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Some individuals from Ask Reddit went to school with stars and they aren’t constantly as great as they appear.

1. When Chris Pratt was a senior, #steeee Was a freshman. We didn’t communicate much, however he remained in a great deal of the assemblies and I did tech theater for a play he remained in.

He was a goofball. Great deals of charm, laid back, class clown. About what you ‘d anticipate seeing him now.

2. Went to high school with Mac Miller. Man was fucking devoted, he was offering CDs in school and constantly had posters up and things. We weren’t actually in the very same social circles however we had some classes together. He was a goof and a typically hero. RIP.

3. Brad Pitt went to my high school when my mother existed, she stated he was truly good and type of a geek, socialized with the other theatre kids primarily.

4. Went to junior high and high school with Taylor Lautner. Played football together my freshmen year.

Dude was truly great, and a bit uncomfortable. This was prior to the entire thing, and he was most popular for. He appeared basically what you anticipate a theater kid to be like. Truly great man over all, quite peaceful, played together a couple of times.

5. Went to high school with Shawn Mendes. Great kid, all of us utilized to tease him a bit however I think the jokes on us now. I see him around at celebrations as soon as and a while, still a great person.

6. I went to school with Kate Upton. She wasn’t unforgettable in any method, to the point I didn’t even understand up until years later on.

7. I went to high school with Margot Robbie. We were respectable buddies however I sanctuary’ t talked to her in years. She was definitely charming. Nobody had a bad word to state about her, and she is really smart.

8. Went to school with Khalid, he was among those kids that constantly pretended to be stoned however never ever smoked, he acted extremely flamboyant and utilized that to constantly be around women, never ever made a relocation on them however, unusual fellow.

9. Can’ t think no one has actually pointed out Drake! He went to my high school, though in various grades so I didn’ t understand him. He was currently well-known from Degrassi High, and he was hilariously pompous. This school had many abundant households, and the abundant kids liked him obviously.

I indicate, he was an extremely abundant kid called Aubrey, residing in an abundant white/Jewish location. His ‘ begun with the bottom ’ things in tunes and ‘ street ’ accent is hilariously phony.

10. Elementary school with Nick Jonas. There would constantly resemble a minimum of 10 women at recess who would follow him around to hear him sing. Actually sweet kid, type of peaceful and kept to himself if I keep in mind properly.

11. I operated at the Michigan Ren Fest with Keegan Michael Key when I was 17 and he was 19. He was fucking funny, sweet, helpful, and simply usually an excellent guy. It was actually cool to see him get all his breaks, and lastly the sketch program, which altered whatever. We’re still FB pals, today I share that bestow about 5 million other individuals.

12. When forgot to use shoes to school and was sent out house, #aeeee Kelly Clarkson. To be reasonable, nation women typically drive without shoes.

13. I went to high school with Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson). We hung out as we were both in the marching band. She was good and had an over-the-top character method back then (late 70’s) however wasn’t snobby or anything like that.

14. Went to school with Tyson Ritter from All-American Rejects. We remained in the very same grade and rode the exact same school bus path. He remained in orchestra for a couple of years, too. He was constantly the class clown and getting in problem for his shenanigans, however he was an excellent kid. I went to numerous pre-AAR programs (Drowning Fish was his early HS band), and he plainly had a fantastic phase existence. I was so pleased to see him prosper, and for so long; my mommy is an instructor and her kids would constantly ask to see my yearbooks.

15. My Dad went to school with Pam Anderson, obviously her sis was much hotter at that time and everybody wished to date her rather of Pam. My Dad even asked Pam out to ultimately get to her sis. He was closed down.

16. I went to the exact same high school as Travis Barker numerous years apart, however his biology instructor constantly discussed how his pencil tapping/drumming constantly drove her crazy.

17. Went to main school with Hugh Jackman, overall class act and constantly had the makings of somebody who would succeed.

18. Was good friends with Natalie Portman in very first grade. Had a phony fur coat. Her mommy would load her lunch in great deals of little containers with directions on how to assemble them. That’ s all I keep in mind.

19. My sibling went to high school with Taylor Swift. She was in fact extremely mean to individuals and got booed off the phase at her junior year skill program.

20. Ninja was as much a tool then as he is now. Absolutely nothing truly altered. Truly phony, tended to bully individuals.

21. Went to school with Justin Bieber. My only memories of him were him attempting to act hard and select battles with kids 4 grades greater than him.

22. I was in the exact same class as Bo Burnham, however I never ever fulfilled him other than as soon as when he dropped his things in the corridor and I chose it up for him, and I kick myself every day and consider what a missed out on chance it was.

23. Went to Long Beach polytechnic high school with Snoop Dogg. Got kicked out for smoking cigarettes pot at school.

=””target=”_ blank”> 24. Went to college with Logan Paul. we have these substantial street celebrations every spring. When he was simply beginning out, keep in mind an entire block of college celebration kids shouting “ Fuck Logan Paul ” these were the vine days.

25. I went to school 5th-12th grade with the kid of Suzanne Collins(author of the). She was available in to my 5th grade class and all of us got signed copies of her other book(didn’t remove like THG did that’s for sure). Her boy was incredibly peaceful and unpopular, good kid however simply didn’t talk. I remember his sweetheart was likewise an author and a great deal of us were encouraged that she was just dating him to get near to his mommy.

26. In college my mama dated Weird Al’s buddy. She stated he was very shy and reserved the majority of the time, however as quickly as he got in the cubicle it resembled a switch was turned and he blew up with enjoyment and energy.

27. My pal’s mother went to school with Toney Hawk, she stated he was quite chill.

28. I went to school with Terry Crews for a couple years. Good kid and a fantastic artist. He and another kid utilized to have drawing competitors prior to class began. Someone would shout out a comics character and he and the other kid(likewise an excellent artist )would both draw. Since it was a life time earlier, I can’t remember who was much better.

He punched me in the chest when at an assembly and absolutely winded me. I was being a cock, so I had it coming.

29. My other half understood Pete Wentz from Fallout Boy in the past they had some shared pals. Said Wentz was a good person, peaceful. When after a rave, barfed in my other half ’ s vehicle.

30. Family good friend still holds an animosity versus Anne Hathaway for taking her partner in high school.

31. My mother was buddies with Winona Ryder in high school. She wore all black a lot and was teased by other kids, however my mother, her, and a couple others were a quite tight group. She stated Winona utilized to consume salad for lunch a lot to diet plan, and she ’d put a lots of dressing on it to the point that it wasn ’ t even healthy any longer haha. After her motion picture she made them go and enjoy it together. She stated she was actually sweet, and Winona highlighted her photo in my mother’s yearbook which was quite cool to see.

32. Went to school with Eminem’s child in high school. Due to the fact that of her father, she was a cool woman and constantly gotten a lot of attention.

33 . Tommy Hilfiger, who was essentially considered a trashy a-hole. He had around one hundred brother or sisters and I believe they were all type of that method.

34. Lady Gaga remained in all our theater programs. We weren’t good friends, however male she might sing, even at that time.

35. I went to school with Kombucha Girl. She ’ s truthfully dope af.



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