Allopurinol 300mg Tablets, 28 Tablets

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Treatment of Gout

Treatment of kidney stones due to high Uric acid levels

Treatment of enzyme disorders due to high uric acid


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Allopurinol 300mg Tablets, 28 Tablets
1,800.00 or subscribe and save 10%

Allopurinol 300mg Tablets, 28 Tablets

Looking for a reliable way to reduce uric acid levels in your body? Allopurinol 300mg Tablets may be the answer you’re looking for! Allopurinol tablet belongs to a group of medicines called enzyme inhibitors, which work by slowing down the speed of certain chemical reactions in your body. By doing so, Allopurinol helps to lower the level of uric acid in the blood and urine, providing you with relief from gout or other conditions caused by high levels of uric acid. So why wait? Give Allopurinol 300mg Tablets a try today and see for yourself how this trusted product can help you feel better and live life to the fullest! Speak to your doctor today.

Allopurinol Tablets are used to treat the following conditions:

• Gout (increased uric acid quantity in the body). The uric acid builds up in your joints and tendons as crystals causing an inflammatory reaction. The inflammation causes the skin around certain joints to become swollen, tender and sore when only slightly touched. You may also get severe pain when the joint is moved.
• Kidney stones formation and certain other types of kidney diseases due to increase in the amount of uric acid in the body
• Some types of Cancer due to increase in the amount of uric acid in the body
• Enzyme disorders due to increase in the amount of uric acid in the body

What is Gout?

Gout is a type of arthritis that causes sudden, severe joint pain

The blood test will find out how much of a chemical called uric acid there is in your blood.

Having too much uric acid in your blood can lead to crystals forming around your joints, which causes pain.

Attacks of gout are usually treated with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) like ibuprofen.

How can you reduce further attacks of gout?

Gout can come back every few months or it may be years. It can come back more often if it’s not treated.

If you have frequent attacks or high levels of uric acid in your blood, you may need to take uric acid-lowering medicine.

Making lifestyle changes may mean you can stop or reduce further attacks.


  • get to a healthy weight, but avoid crash diets – try the NHS weight loss plan

  • eat a healthy, balanced diet – your doctor may give you a list of foods to include or limit

  • have some alcohol-free days each week

  • drink plenty of fluids to avoid getting dehydrated

  • exercise regularly – but avoid intense exercise or putting lots of pressure on joints

  • stop smoking

  • ask our pharmacist about vitamin C supplements


  • do not eat offal, such as kidneys or liver, or seafood

  • do not have lots of sugary drinks and snacks

  • do not eat lots of fatty foods

  • do not drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week, and spread your drinking over 3 or more days if you drink as much as 14 units

You might get an attack if you:

  • have an illness that causes a high temperature
  • drink too much alcohol or eat a very large, fatty meal
  • get dehydrated
  • injure a joint
  • take certain medicines

Get treatment immediately if you feel an attack starting.

Gout sometimes runs in families.

It’s more common in men, especially as they get older.

You might have a higher chance of getting gout if you:

  • are overweight
  • drink alcohol
  • have been through the menopause
  • take medicines such as diuretics (water tablets), or medicines for high blood pressure (such as ACE inhibitors)
  • have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, kidney problems, osteoarthritis or diabetes
  • have had surgery or an injury

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What is the price of Allopurinol 300mg Tablets in Nigeria?

The price of Allopurinol 300mg Tablets is N1,800

Where can you buy Allopurinol 300mg Tablets In Nigeria?

You can Buy Allopurinol 300mg Tablets at Asset Pharmacy Lagos Nigeria, Nigeria’s Largest Online Pharmacy.

Allopurinol 300mg Tablets is not available to buy over the counter. You need a prescription to buy Allopurinol 300mg Tablets

Allopurinol 300mg Tablets is a prescription drug that legally requires a medical prescription to be dispensed.
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