Carnation Medicated Corn Caps, 10 Plasters

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Carnation Corn Caps are medicated plasters which contain salicylic acid as an active ingredient. The salicylic acid works to loosen and soften the hard skin that makes up your corn, allowing it to flake away until the entire corn can be removed.


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Carnation Medicated Corn Caps, 10 Plasters

Carnation Footcare Corn Caps are a clinically proven, all-in-one method to remove painful corns

Soft felt ring relieves pressure over the corn with a measured dose of Salicylic Acid to remove the corn
One step application
Easy to apply
A combination of Salicylic Acid paste with a soft felt corn ring helps relieve pressure and pain whilst the corn is treated
Available in packs of 5 or 10

The results of the largest ever clinical trial* comparison versus scalpel treatment shows that Carnation Corn Caps:

Remove corns more quickly
Give greater pain relief
Reduce the size of corns more quickly
Podiatrists preferred Corn Caps
Corns are 60% less likely to reoccur
Clinically proven to remove corns within a 10-day treatment period


Carnation Footcare

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