Denivit Whitening Toothpaste – Anti Stain Intense Toothpaste

2x more effective stain removal

works against caries and periodontal diseases

visible whiter teeth in only 7 days

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Denivit Whitening Toothpaste – Anti Stain Intense Toothpaste

Introducing Denivit Whitening Toothpaste – Anti Stain Intense, the ultimate solution for achieving a brilliantly white smile. This Denivit professional whitening toothpaste is specifically designed to combat stains and discoloration, giving you a confident and radiant smile.

Formulated with a powerful anti-discoloration complex, this toothpaste goes beyond surface cleaning. It delves deep into the structure of the stain, effectively breaking it down and preventing its reappearance. With regular use, you can bid farewell to unsightly deposits and plaque in no time.

Innovative hydrated silica particles work wonders on the enamel’s surface, removing stains effortlessly during mechanical brushing. Additionally, the polishing agent present in this toothpaste enhances the natural shine of your teeth, leaving them smoother and glossier than ever before.

Denivit Whitening Toothpaste doesn’t just focus on aesthetics, as it also prioritizes oral health. Sodium fluoride, a key ingredient, acts as a shield against cavities and periodontal diseases. By preventing the dissolution of enamel in the acidic environment of the oral cavity, it ensures your teeth remain strong and healthy.

Experience the numerous benefits of Denivit Whitening Toothpaste – Anti Stain Intense:

2x more effective stain removal: Unlike ordinary toothpaste, Denivit’s advanced formula guarantees exceptional stain elimination, giving you a brighter and whiter smile.

Works against caries and periodontal diseases: This toothpaste’s powerful composition not only beautifies your teeth but also protects them from common dental problems, ensuring optimal oral health.

Visible whiter teeth in only 7 days: With its remarkable whitening efficacy, Denivit Whitening Toothpaste shows noticeable results in just one week of consistent use.

Denivit Whitening Toothpaste – Anti Stain Intense is a whitening toothpaste available both in Asset pharmacy stores and for delivery. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and embrace a dazzling smile with Denivit Whitening Toothpaste – Anti Stain Intense.

Denivit Whitening Toothpaste Reviews

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What is the price of Denivit Whitening Toothpaste in Nigeria?

The price of Denivit Whitening Toothpaste is N1,700

Where can you buy Denivit Whitening Toothpaste In Nigeria?

You can Buy Denivit Whitening Toothpaste at Asset Pharmacy Lagos Nigeria, Nigeria’s Largest Online Pharmacy.

How to Use

How to use

Apply the right amount onto the toothbrush and brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes.


Product Ingredients

Fluoride, Sodium Fluoride

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