Metformin 850mg Tablets, 56 Tablets

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Treatment of type 2 diabetes (also called ‘non-insulin-dependent diabetes)

Suitable for Adults and Children

Active Ingredient: Metformin 850mg


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Metformin 850mg Tablets, 56 Tablets
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Metformin 850mg Tablets, 56 Tablets

Diabetes can be a difficult disease to manage, but Metformin 850mg Tablets makes it a little easier. This medication contains metformin, a powerful drug that helps regulate blood sugar levels. It’s part of a group of medicines called biguanides, which are some of the most effective treatments for diabetes. With Metformin 500mg Tablets, you can feel more in control of your condition and better able to manage your diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that makes your body take in glucose (sugar) from the blood. Your body uses glucose to produce energy or stores it for future use.
If you have diabetes, your pancreas does not make enough insulin or your body is not able to use properly the insulin it produces. This leads to a high level of glucose in your blood. Metformin Tablets help to lower your blood glucose to as normal a level as possible.
If you are an overweight adult, taking Metformin Tablets over a long period of time also helps to lower the risk of complications associated with diabetes. Metformin Tablets is associated with either a stable body weight or modest weight loss.
Metformin Tablets is used to treat patients with type 2 diabetes (also called ‘non-insulin dependent diabetes’) when diet and exercise alone have not been enough to control your blood glucose levels. It is used particularly in overweight patients.
Adults can take Metformin Tablets on its own or together with other medicines to treat diabetes (medicines taken by mouth or insulin).
Children 10 years and over and adolescents can take Metformin Tablet on its own or together with insulin.

Metformin 850mg Tablets Reviews

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What is the price of  Metformin 850mg Tablets in Nigeria?

The price of  Metformin 850mg Tablets is N1,900

Where can you buy Metformin 850mg Tablets In Nigeria?

You can Buy Metformin 850mg Tablets at Asset Pharmacy Lagos Nigeria, Nigeria’s Largest Online Pharmacy.

Metformin 850mg Tablets is a prescription drug that legally requires a medical prescription to be dispensed.
To order this product you confirm that you are under the care of your doctor or consultant and have been given permission by them for purchase, fulfillment & use in treatment with their written consent.

You will be required to send Asset Pharmacy your prescription

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