Senokot Max Strength Constipation Relief 12 Years Plus Tablets, 10 Tablets

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Predictable relief in just 8 – 12 hours.

Clinically proven medicine for short-term occasional constipation

Suitable for adults and children over 12 years

Active Ingredient: Senna 15mg

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Senokot Max Strength Constipation Relief 12 Years Plus Tablets, 10 Tablets
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Senokot Max Strength Constipation Relief 12 Years Plus Tablets, 10 Tablets

Looking for a gentle, yet effective constipation relief solution? Say hello to Senokot Max Strength Constipation Relief Tablets. Our natural senna tablets provide predictable relief within 8-12 hours – perfect for those occasions when you need a little extra help.

Double the strength of our regular Senokot tablets, Senokot Max Strength Tablets are ideal for treating constipation and bloating. Herbal remedies like Senokot Max Strength Tablets are a great way to keep your digestive system running smoothly – without any harsh side effects.

So why not give Senokot Max Strength Tablets a try? We know you’ll be feeling better in no time!

Senokot Max Strength helps provide effective gentle relief from constipation, designed to provide predictable relief in just 8 – 12 hours.

A maximum strength senna based tablet providing effective relief from occasional constipation. Containing Sennosides which work by making the bowel muscles contract more often, the increased movement helps move bowel content to the rectum which relieves constipation.

How does Senokot Max Strenght Work?

Senna Is A Type Of Medicine Called A Stimulant Laxative. It Works By Stimulating The Nerve Endings In The Walls Of The Large Bowel (Colon) And Rectum. This Makes The Muscles In The Bowel Wall Contract More Often And With Increased Force, Which Moves The Stools Through The Colon To The Rectum So That The Bowel Can Be Emptied.

Senokot Max Strenght is an effective laxative made with Senna Fruit, a natural plant extract which works by stimulating the muscles in the bowel. Senokot Max Strength tablets are twice the strength of Senokot tablets.

What is Constipation and how is it caused?

Constipation is common and it affects people of all ages. You can usually treat it at home with simple changes to your diet and lifestyle.

This page is about constipation in adults. There’s separate information on constipation in babies and children.

It’s likely to be constipation if:

  • you have not had a poo at least 3 times during the last week
  • the poo is often large and dry, hard or lumpy
  • you are straining or in pain when you have a poo

You may also have a stomach ache and feel bloated or sick.

If you’re caring for someone with dementia, constipation may be easily missed. It’s important to be aware of any changes in their behaviour that might mean they are in pain or discomfort, although it’s not always easy.

Constipation in adults has many possible causes. Sometimes there’s no obvious reason.

The most common causes include:

  • not eating enough fibre – such as fruit, vegetables and cereals
  • not drinking enough fluids
  • not moving enough and spending long periods sitting or lying in bed
  • being less active and not exercising
  • often ignoring the urge to go to the toilet
  • changing your diet or daily routine
  • a side effect of medicine
  • stress, anxiety or depression

Constipation is also common during pregnancy and for 6 weeks after giving birth.

Rarely, constipation may be caused by a medical condition.

Making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can help treat constipation.

It’s safe to try these simple measures when you’re pregnant.

You may notice a difference within a few days. Sometimes it takes a few weeks before your symptoms improve.

How to Reduce getting constipated?


To make your poo softer and easier to pass:


Keep to a regular time and place and give yourself plenty of time to use the toilet.

Do not delay if you feel the urge to poo.

To make it easier to poo, try resting your feet on a low stool while going to the toilet. If possible, raise your knees above your hips.


A daily walk or run can help you poo more regularly.

Senokot Max Strength Tablet Reviews

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What is the price of Senokot Max Strength in Nigeria?

The price of Senokot Max Strength is N4,150

Where can you buy Senokot Max Strength In Nigeria?

You can Buy Senokot Max Strength at Asset Pharmacy Lagos Nigeria, Nigeria’s Largest Online Pharmacy.

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