Tiocosid Cream, 20g

Treatment and Prevention of fungal skin infections

Suitable for Adults and Children over 12 years

Active Ingredient: Tioconazole 1%

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Tiocosid Cream, 20g

Introducing Tiocosid Cream, the powerful antifungal cream that works to treat infections caused by a fungus or yeast. This highly effective cream works by killing the fungus or yeast, or preventing its growth, quickly and effectively. Ideal for use on a variety of different areas of the body, Tiocosid Cream offers fast relief from the irritating symptoms of fungal infections, such as itchiness, redness and burning. Simply apply the cream to the affected area twice daily for best results. So don’t suffer any longer – try Tiocosid Cream today and feel the difference!

Tiocosid Cream is incredibly easy to use; simply apply it to the affected area once or twice daily, depending on the severity of your infection. You should start seeing results within a few days, and with continued use, the infection will clear up completely. So why wait? Get rid of that pesky fungal infection once and for all

Tiocosid Cream is applied to the skin to treat :

  • ringworm of the body (tinea corporis);
  • ringworm of the foot (tinea pedis; athlete’s foot);
  • ringworm of the groin (tinea cruris; jock itch);
  • tinea versicolor (sometimes called “sun fungus”); and
  • yeast infection of the skin (cutaneous candidiasis).

Tiocosid Cream Reviews

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What is the price of Tiocosid Cream in Nigeria?

The price of Tiocosid Cream is N1,950

Where can you buy Tiocosid Cream In Nigeria?

You can Buy Tiocosid Cream at Asset Pharmacy Lagos Nigeria, Nigeria’s Largest Online Pharmacy.



How to Use

How to use

Tiocosid Cream should be gently massaged into the affected and surrounding skin area once or twice a day, in the morning and evening.

 Treatment for 7 days is usually adequate to achieve cure in the majority of patients

Duration of treatment may vary from 1 wk to 6 wk and in nail infections from 6 mth to 12 mth.

 For External Use Only.



Product Ingredients

Tioconazole 1%

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